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Trial Partners, LLC


“I am so happy to recommend Trial Partners, LLC to any trial attorney or small firm in need of quality trial support. I sought out the assistance of Shireen on a murder case that my office took to trial. I knew Shireen to be extremely organized and experienced as a trial lawyer and had no problem trusting her to assist me. Every task I asked of her, she completed with speed and accuracy–even working late nights and weekends when needed. Now that I’ve worked with Trial Partners, LLC, I’m not sure I would ever want to go to trial without them! It is my pleasure to highly recommend them to anyone in need of expert trial assistance.”

– Tanya F. Miller, Esq.

“I highly recommend Trial Partners, LLC. As a solo practitioner, using this approach saved me both time and money, while providing a huge benefit to my client.”

– E. Scott Fortas, Esq.


The idea for Trial Partners, LLC came when Atlanta criminal defense attorney, E. Scott Fortas, retained Ms. Hormozdi as co-counsel in the trial of State v. Antravious Howard, who was charged with Aggravated Battery and Aggravated Assault in the Superior Court of Fulton County. Without having to share the retainer fee or client control, Ms. Hormozdi assisted Mr. Fortas with trial and witness preparation, prepared power-point presentations for trial, and handled the examination of several witnesses. The jury came back with a not guilty verdict and commented to Mr. Fortas that his team was well-prepared and they appreciated their presentation of the case. Mr. Fortas and his client benefitted from the team approach at trial. We are your co-counsel and we have your back!

Trial Partners, LLC allows you to keep all the benefits of your case without having to do all the heavy-lifting alone. You maintain control over your client, trial strategy and the direction you want the case to take. We are here to assist you in the manner in which you decide. Let us review and organize the file into a cohesive trial binder, prepare your witness and exhibit lists, identify issues that need to be addressed/resolved, prepare motions and attend hearings for you . . . whatever you need! While we get your case ready for trial, you can focus on running your practice and representing your other clients. This is often preferred from the alternative of handing the entire case on your own, to the detriment of your other cases, or having to split the fee with another attorney you bring on board. With Trial Partners, LLC, you can outsource your trial needs to experienced attorneys, saving you time and money, while giving your client the full benefit of an entire trial team.


Yes. We offer free consultations during which we will prepare a package tailored to your case and your needs. Together, we will identify what you need most and all fees will be identified up front so there are no surprises. We will prepare a cost-effective package and strategy to handle your case so that you achieve your goals of saving time and money, while fully serving your client’s needs.


Whatever you need! You will remain lead attorney and maintain complete control over your case. We tailor our services to each individual case to best serve your needs. Contact us today for a free consultation. You having nothing to lose by meeting with us, discussing your case, your needs and how we can help. Once you have Trial Partners, LLC on board, you can focus on running your practice and serving your other clients. Let us get on your case today!

Services and Packages

All packages will be tailored to your individual needs. You will direct the nature and scope our services for you. With Trial Partners, LLC, you always determine the level of co-counsel’s involvement.