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The Norcross Law Firm handles select criminal defense cases. If we cannot represent you, we will find you competent and able counsel to do so and consult on the case if you desire. Ms. Hormozdi is a former prosecutor who recognizes the need to hold the State to its burden and each individual’s right to a defense. If your case is with Ms. Hormozdi, you can rest assured you will receive a first-class, aggressive defense.


  • Hit and Run
  • Striking Unattended Vehicles
  • DUI
  • Probation Violation
  • Theft & Shoplifting
  • Traffic Violations
  • Property Crimes

Some criminal defense lawyers take a wait-and-see approach. They stall until the first court date, or until they receive the police reports, before investigating and working up your case.

By contrast, the Norcross Law Firm believes there’s no time to waste. The most critical window for defense work may be the first few days following an arrest, or even prior to formal charges being filed. By getting to work immediately, often we can locate favorable defense evidence and witnesses, and get a “head start” towards defeating the charges.

Close Personal Contact with Your Attorney

Facing criminal charges traumatizes people. Nothing compounds the stress more than the inability to reach your attorney. At the Norcross Law Firm, we put a premium on the accessibility of our attorneys and support staff. We’re here to provide moral and emotional support as well as legal representation. We find that close client interaction is pivotal to our work. Our clients are the best resource for understanding what happened and who the key players are in the case. We want to hear from you, and you’ll definitely be hearing from us as together we map out the story and put together the best defense possible.

Early Intervention Before Charges Get Filed

Sometimes it is possible to stop criminal charges from ever being filed.

After making an arrest or investigating a suspected crime, the police take their evidence to the district attorney. The district attorney’s office evaluates the potential case and decides what criminal charges (if any) to file. Usually, the prosecutor makes this decision based solely based on what the police say. But often, there is much more to the story.

Many times, we can meet with the prosecutor during this same time period and present our witness statements, our evidence and our information.

Knowing your side of the story may affect the district attorney’s decision on whether to indict you. When the prosecutors see the whole picture, not just what the cops (or the alleged victim) have to say, they may decide to file lesser charges (for example, a misdemeanor rather than a felony) or not to file criminal charges at all.

Legal “Second Opinions”

Perhaps you already have a criminal defense lawyer. Your case has been pending for a while. Your attorney advises you on a certain case strategy, such as accepting the district attorney’s offer, or taking the case to trial. Now you are facing a major life decision, but you are not sure what to do.

The Norcross Law Firm can evaluate your case and offer our independent judgment as to your various options and the merits of each. Much like a patient may see another doctor for a “second opinion” before deciding whether to undergo an elective surgery, we can give you a legal second opinion.

In the end, we may concur with your present attorney’s position. Or we may not. Or we may suggest a totally different approach. But our advice to you will be (a) unbiased, (b) independent, (c) looking only to your best interests, and (d) based on a careful analysis of all the facts and law.

Contact the Norcross Law Firm today for a free case evaluation. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.