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The Norcross Law Firm is happy to help small business owners and provide them with AFFORDABLE solutions.  First, we help business partners create Operating Agreements and strategize to ensure potential problems and disagreements are addressed early on so as to avoid the pitfalls of business disputes that often occur later on.   It is better to be proactive and anticipate problems before they occur, especially when it comes to business.  Even if you have been running your business for years, it is never too late to create a thorough and well-crafted Operating Agreement to ease tensions and prevent future problems.

Second, if a dispute or problem does occur, we can help mediate a resolution.  Our firm has helped many small business owners come to amicable resolutions out of court, as well as pursue judicial resolutions when needed.  The State of Georgia recently created Business Courts, which can be a forum where your business dilemma is ultimately solved.  Our team will stand by you and fight for your rights.  When you retain our office to represent your small business, you can rest assured we will work very hard to achieve the best result possible for you and our goal is to get you to the finish line with the least possible costs.