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Shireen Hormozdi Bowman and her sons, Henry & Matthew.  

Estate Planning is not just for the wealthy.  Having an Estate Plan can save you and your family thousands of dollars and hours of stress.  If you pass away without a Will, the State of Georgia has written a plan for you and your assets will pass according to the pre-set laws of intestacy.  However, your family will have to go to court to pass the assets, and this will take time and money.  Also, if you have children, your family may need to go to court to determine who will be their guardian.  Why not spend the money now (and it may actually be less money – depending on your Estate)  to create a customized plan that can avoid court and allow your assets to pass according to your wishes and avoid potential arguments and stress among your family members?

We provide FREE and CONFIDENTIAL Estate Planning Consultations.  There is no obligation and we are happy to consult with you and provide you information.  Take the first step and contact us to set up your consultation today.  We can even schedule the consultation via Phone or Video (Zoom, Skype, FaceTime).